Mom you loved us!

Today has marked the third year since you passed away mom, Magreth Mabula-Senga.
Mom you loved us from our first breath, 
held our hands through the years, 
guided us along the paths that our lives took, taught us that there is nothing we can't make it through to hold our faith and follow our hearts. You gave us your all and asked nothing in return.

We will always love you mom,
We will carry you with us each day in our hearts. 
We will mourn our loss but rejoice that you are in a better place sitting with your loved ones, awaiting our arrival one day.


  1. Mungu ampumzishe kwa amani ya milele Amina!

    Emmanuely Deodath Lyimo

  2. Mwenyezi Mungu na ampe mama raha ya milele...kaka Mathew kumbu ni mama Magreth na mama Yangu Alana wamafariki tarehe moja...ila mama Alana ni mwezi wa nane.. Kaka Tuwaombee.